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EIA-J Standard

Definition developed by SONY for the pinout of a 12-pin HIROSE connector on analogue CCD cameras. Includes additional function lines for using various camera functions such as triggering, pulse width control, pixel-synchronous mode or long-term integration.

The key benefit of the EIA-J standard is that the various control lines are grouped into a single cable which is very simple to produce.

The fact that it is incompatible with the traditional pinouts must be seen as a disadvantage of the EIA-J connector, however. HIROSE cables with EIA-J pinout are not visibly different from traditional cables. It is therefore of particular importance to select the correct combination of cable and camera, otherwise unexpected voltage levels on the individual lines may in extreme cases damage the vision system.

Cables from STEMMER IMAGING are clearly marked in order to avoid such confusion.

Major vendors are making use of the EIA-J standard in the development of new cameras. For instance, the A series from JAI or the XC-SC series from SONY use this connector.