Nanometre accuracy delivers competitive advantage

Test & measurement

Sometimes decisive competitive advantage is only 1 nanometre long. What counts then is extreme precision in product testing. Here, the industry uses X-ray technology or 3D imaging to ensure that sample parts match 100%.

Self-contained low cost scientific and industrial measurement camera


The new TrueChrome Metrics camera from STEMMER IMAGING provides fully integrated digital image capture and measurement for micro and macro scientific and industrial imaging applications with no need for a PC.

3D imaging


When you have chosen the wrong wrench, it can be exchanged quickly. But when it comes to the software system for your machine vision application the effort is much higher - as well as the costs. Especially in 3D imaging the products used should be carefully selected.

Aqsense 3D Express - 3D imaging made easy


3D Express from the Spanish manufacturer Aqsense offers seamless software support for recording and pre-processing 3D images.

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