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High Speed Image Sensor Outperforms Kodak KAI-320 Sensor

14 Apr 2010

The Genie HM640 high speed GigE CMOS camera from DALSA features an image sensor that provides a 50% higher frame rate at similar cost and image fidelity compared to cameras using the Kodak KAI-320 sensor.

Higher frame rates enable even faster events to be captured. These sensors, developed and manufactured in-house by DALSA, are not available in cameras from any other manufacturers and offer an excellent combination of resolution, frame rate and price.

DALSA designs and manufactures CCD and CMOS image sensors for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, and owns dozens of patents in this field. Its proprietary sensor technology allows the Genie HM640 to offer image capture rates of 300 frames/second in full VGA resolution while maintaining exceptional image quality. The Genie HM640's gigabit Ethernet interface takes full advantage of the high frame rate by transmitting data over standard CAT- 5e and CAT-6 cables to distances of up to 100m. Advanced designs provide true global (non-rolling) shuttering with imaging performance that meets and exceeds traditional ILT CCDs.

Genie HM640 cameras are delivered with a free CVB CameraSuite licence from STEMMER IMAGING. This manufacturer-independent SDK for camera interfacing includes powerful memory management and display capabilities. The cameras are also supported by DALSA's Sapera(tm) Essential software and its Genie Framework package for fast and simple camera set-up. Sapera(tm) Essential can be used runtime free with DALSA hardware.

Teledyne DALSA

Waterloo, Canada

The Canadian company Teledyne DALSA Inc., a subsidiary of the US-based Teledyne Technologies Inc., offers an enormous range of machine vision components for digital image processing. In addition to its line-scan camera products, DALSA┬┤s range includes high-end technologies such as TDI (Time Delay Integration) line-scan cameras, colour line-scan cameras, multi-tap cameras, high-speed cameras, area scan and high-resolution cameras. Their product range also covers PCI frame grabbers, embedded processing systems and software tools, in addition to the IPD range of compact systems that are ideally suited to a wide variety of different tasks in the fields of industrial quality assurance, completeness inspection and fault monitoring.