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AVT Stingray: Cameras Without Sensor Cover Glass For Special Applications

4 Aug 2010

The Stingray camera from Allied Vision Technologies is now available in a version that has no cover glass over the sensor. This unusual configuration is intended for use for special applications such as laser beam profiling, the use of extended wavelength response coatings or endoscopy, where fibre optics need to be coupled directly to the sensor itself.

This new variant of the Stingray further enhances its reputation as the ‘Transformer’ camera due to its modularity, offering a wide selection of lens- mounts, sensors, case variations, interfaces and cable outputs, which can be flexibly configured using building block principles.

For UV imaging in particular, the glass used to cover the sensor can absorb UV rays, inhibiting UV sensitivity. This can affect a number of applications such as semiconductor/wafer inspection, fluorescence in biology, DNA analysis, astronomy, monitoring of oil spills, monitoring of corona discharge effects in high voltage electrical transmission lines and imaging of invisible flames such as hydrogen and alcohol.

A sensor can be made more sensitive in the UV region of the spectrum by coating a UV-sensitive phosphor layer directly onto the surface of the sensor. Although this could be done by removing the cover glass from a conventional camera, it is a very specialist procedure which could result in damage to the sensor so the availability of cameras without the cover glass is an important consideration.

Sensor performance in the infrared can also be enhanced using specialised IR- sensitive phosphor coatings. In some cases this can offer a cost-effective alternative to the use of specialised IR sensors such as InGaAs.

The sensor is shipped with a special adhesive foil to protect it against humidity and dust. This can be removed in a dust-free environment before the sensor is adapted for its particular application.

Allied Vision

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Founded in 1989, Allied Vision Technologies GmbH of Germany is a 100% subsidiary of the public Augusta Technologie AG. Allied Vision designs, produces and sells cameras and components for image processing in industrial and life science applications. With innovative products, superior manufacturing quality and a service-driven organization, Allied Vision is well established as a premier provider of digital camera solutions for machine vision worldwide.


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