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New IR-corrected 5?Mpixel lenses

14 Oct 2010

Fujinon extends its product range with new high-resolution 5 megapixel lenses that are particularly suitable for applications in the visible and infrared spectrum thanks to the infrared correction.

Two models with fixed focal lengths will be available first:
HF35SR4A-1/SA1 with a focal length of f=35mm and F2.0 and HF50SR4A-1/SA1 with a focal length of f=50mm and F2.8. The aperture is controlled manually or automatically via DC signal. The lenses have been developed for maximum sensor dimensions of 2/3". Like all machine vision lenses by Fujinon, the lenses have minimal distortion, reduced chromatic aberration, a metal thread and retainer screws for aperture and focus.

Thanks to the combination of high resolution and infrared correction, these lenses can be used in many applications, in industrial image processing or CCTV systems as well as in transport applications, such as automatic number plate recognition.

Fujinon continuously extends its product range of infrared-corrected 5 megapixel lenses. Other focal lengths will follow.


Tilburg, The Netherlands

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