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AVT Prosilica GX: New ultra-sensitive HD camera for superfast GigE range

4 Mar 2011

The new 2/3" format AVT Prosilica GX 1920 adds exceptional near infrared sensitivity and low light imaging performance in HD format to the superfast 240 MB/s data transmission capability of the GX series of dual GigE Vision cameras from Allied Vision Technologies. This outstanding light response in both the infrared and visible regions of the spectrum comes from the new Sony ICX 674 CCD sensor with EXview HAD technology, making the AVT Prosilica GX 1920 particularly suitable for high resolution Intelligent Transport System applications.

Available in monochrome and colour versions with 1936 x 1456 pixel (2.82 Megapixel) resolution and operating at 40 fps, the EXview HAD CCD technology provides low noise, anti-blooming and excellent image quality as well as near infrared and low light imaging capabilities. This extremely versatile imaging device can be used in a wide range of applications from night-time surveillance, to industrial vision and factory automation systems and scientific measurement.

The AVT Prosilica GX 1920 provides the same outstanding sustained maximum data rate of 240 MB per second over conventional CAT5e cables up to 100 metres long as the other cameras in the AVT Prosilica GX range by using two Gigabit Ethernet ports configured as a Link Aggregation Group. This configuration allows the use of two cables to double the traditional GigE Vision data transmission rate, or a single cable for data transmission at 120 MB/s.

In addition to its speed, resolution and sensitivity, the AVT Prosilica GX 1920 offers a host of smart features to further enhance its imaging versatility. These include: auto exposure, gain and white balance; flexible binning; Region of Interest readout; Stream Bytes per Second for easy bandwidth control; asynchronous external trigger and sync I/O; global shutter; recorder and multiframe acquisition modes; 3-axis motorized lens control and video-type auto iris.

Allied Vision

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Founded in 1989, Allied Vision Technologies GmbH of Germany is a 100% subsidiary of the public Augusta Technologie AG. Allied Vision designs, produces and sells cameras and components for image processing in industrial and life science applications. With innovative products, superior manufacturing quality and a service-driven organization, Allied Vision is well established as a premier provider of digital camera solutions for machine vision worldwide.