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Always one step ahead

iNspect Express Optimised

18 Mar 2011

DALSA have released Version 1700 of the iNspect Express Software for their intelligent sensors of the Boa range.

The upgrade includes several bugfixes as well as fundamental changes in operability, functionality and performance of the software.

Many of the added functions were added by the DALSA development team as a result of customer requests. The new version of the Boa software includes optimised algorithms for rotation-invariant object detection, optical character and matrix code recognition, as well as improved calibration methods. These innovations enhance robustness and for some applications allow increases in speed by a factor of 10.

Also new in this version is a PC-based application which allows the display of images and results from systems with several Boa cameras on a single screen. Users of this free tool are thus able to track production data, change application data, and trace past inspection results from each Boa sensor connected to the local network.

In addition to these core optimizations the software update Express 1700 includes many other improvements to the user interface. The integrated script tool has been enhanced by several new functions, a syntax checker, and a new string editor. DALSA thus simplify the integration of third-party equipment and support the user with interactive tool management during program development. These and other optimizations provided by DALSA in the new Express version will extend the usage of Boa sensors to applications that typically demand more expensive solutions.

Teledyne DALSA

Waterloo, Canada

The Canadian company Teledyne DALSA Inc., a subsidiary of the US-based Teledyne Technologies Inc., offers an enormous range of machine vision components for digital image processing. In addition to its line-scan camera products, DALSA´s range includes high-end technologies such as TDI (Time Delay Integration) line-scan cameras, colour line-scan cameras, multi-tap cameras, high-speed cameras, area scan and high-resolution cameras. Their product range also covers PCI frame grabbers, embedded processing systems and software tools, in addition to the IPD range of compact systems that are ideally suited to a wide variety of different tasks in the fields of industrial quality assurance, completeness inspection and fault monitoring.

Teledyne DALSA Boa - Vision System For Single Point Inspection Applications
  • Smart vision system, ideally suited to single point applications
  • On-board »iNspect« image processing software
  • No programming or extensive training required
  • Compact rugged, IP67-rated industrial enclosure