Machine vision computers


Powerful PC platforms

Adlink EOS-1200 / EOS-4000 - Compact machine vision systems

  • Robust, compact and reliable embedded vision systems for demanding applications
  • Intel multi core processor
  • Combination of improved computer power and multi channel connection
  • Built-in system monitoring components to watch CPU temperature, fan speed, and system responsiveness


  • EOS-1200: Four independent Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE functionality (Power over Ethernet)
  • EOS-4000: Two independent PoCL ports (Power over CameraLink)

Markets & applications

  • Industrial automation
  • Applications requiring substantial computing power and multiple cameras
  • Medical imaging
  • Robot guidance
  • Compact and rugged system design
  • EOS-1200: 3rd/2nd generation Intel Core i5/i7 CPU
    • Connects to up to four Gigabit Ethernet cameras
    • PoE, IEEE 802.3af Compliant, Powered Device (PD) auto detection
    • Minimum internal cabling
    • Internal USB dongle port
  • Rich I/O support: RS-232/485, USB, and isolated digital I/Os
    • Dual storage support: HDD and CompactFlash cards
  • EOS-4000:
    • Embedded 3rd generation Intel Core i5/i7 Quad Core CPU
    • 2 Power over CameraLink ports (base CameraLink configuration)
    • Internal USB port and 1 kbit EEPROM
    • RAID system (Dual SATA interface)
    • 64 isolated DI/Os with digital filter

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