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Software Training: FPGA-Programming with Silicon Software Visual Applets (1 day)

Visual Applets is a graphical programming tool that combines an easy graphical user interface with comprehensive function libraries. Visual Applets closes the gap between simple image acquisition and special hardware by transforming a standard frame grabber into a pre-processing image- and signal processor.


This training targets people who need to solve high end inspection tasks with extreme data rates at high speed, for short applications where other analysis systems reach their limits.

In this one-day workshop we show you how to solve demanding, time-critical applications using FPGA technology on the frame grabbers from Silicon Software. All without any prior knowledge in hardware or FPGA programming.


  • Use and advantages of an FPGA
  • Abstract work with image processing operators
  • Presentations of the diversified operators for image treatment, compression, segmenting or synchronisation
  • Integrated high level simulation
  • Resources and bandwidth calculations
  • Creation and parameterisation of designs
  • Simulation of designs
  • Synthetisation of designs
  • Real time operation and parameterisation during runtime
  • Seamless integration into the users application software
  • Interface programming of the design


1 day

Participation fee

This training course is free of charge!