Machine vision from Europe´s No 1 technology provider


Machine vision from Europe´s No 1 technology provider

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What puts my company in the lead?
Perfect service, where you want, when you need it.

Core competence

With a high percentage of technically qualified staff, our service is backed up by a team of industry leaders specialised to ensure even the most complex solutions can be realised.

Knowledgeable advisers

STEMMER IMAGING quickly processes customer orders via hotlines in four countries. In addition, highly skilled experts offer competent advice before the sale. As trained engineers, they have a comprehensive understanding of the technical implications of your project. If needed, we can offer you a direct on-site consultation to finalise the necessary details for the product selection.

Intensive information

STEMMER IMAGING regularly keeps customers informed about software releases, new products and technological innovations. Web-based information and videos, printed and electronic newsletters and, above all, the No. 1 knowledge base for machine vision, our Imaging & Vision Handbook, supply perfect updates. Regular training courses in our European Training Centre or at customer sites offer possibilities for additional know-how transfer.

Tested performance

You’re looking for the optimum system both technologically and economically? Our team can perform a suitable feasibility study and offer products on a sale and return basis for your own internal company tests.

Special conditions

STEMMER IMAGING focuses every day on delivering the best in service, value and technology. Our partner programmes offer additional services, discount and resources to en-sure our largest customers optimum value and flexibility.

Extended services

Are you an OEM who is an expert in your field? Do you want to include vision technology in your products, but lack the imaging expertise? Our extended services team provides the answer, offering consultancy resources working as part of your development team, enabling you to realise vision solutions that you own, skilfully implemented using the latest technologies available.

»We set the same standard for service as we do for our components: absolute reliability and performance.«
David Hearn,
Managing Director,
United Kingdom