Machine vision from Europe´s No 1 technology provider


Machine vision from Europe´s No 1 technology provider

Range of products

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The partner that carries the products of the world’s leading brands.

Unparalleled diversity in Europe

At STEMMER IMAGING, customers find the complete technical range of products from the world’s leading manufacturers. Together, these technologies provide cutting-edge machine vision solutions across all application areas. With several thousand components and solutions available, we are able to deliver the majority of orders directly from stock.


Individual sources and lighting technologies like LED illumination, cold light sources, light guides, high frequency and halogen illumination, diode lasers and accessories for illumination units.


High quality lenses for general purpose, telecentric measuring lenses, macro and system lenses, semi-automatic and motorised lenses as well as accessories.


A wide range of area scan and line scan cameras in monochrome and colour, 3D cameras, contact Image sensors (CIS), smart camera systems and accessories.


Extensive selection of tested analogue and digital cables and plug-in connectors for any Interface as well as custom-made solutions for machine vision.


A wide range of products covering all image acquisition standards using both digital and analogue technology with options to add additonal inbuilt pre-processing plus accessories.


Powerful, user-friendly solutions and development libraries inculding our leading unique, independent programming library Common Vision Blox (CVB).


Customised machine vision systems for every level of application; including smart cameras and sensors, compact vision systems and PC-based machine vision as well as measurement systems and ID readers.


A large range of accessories such as housings, mounting brackets, trigger distribution and conditioning solutions to make integration easier and more cost-effective.

»Our unique selection gives the customer assurance: no matter what machine vision solution I need, this is where it becomes a reality.«
Martin Kersting,
Technical Director,