Vision systems for pharmaceutical market


Modern medicine depends on reliable imaging

Vision solutions for medical applications

Having the right perspective means being able to diagnose illnesses earlier, to improve treatments and to save lives. Modern medicine depends on imaging for the diagnosis and real-​time monitoring of operative procedures.

Medical Video Server

Various imaging systems such as endoscopes, microscopes, X-ray devices, CTs, MRIs or operating room monitoring cameras are used in medical applications. The video sources are based on different interfaces, resolutions, video standards, control options, etc. A major challenge is to install all these video sources in the clinical environment, provide the most diverse cable concepts, operate the cameras, transport, display, document and archive image and video data or, for example, to make the data visible for remote diagnosis.

This was exactly the focus for STEMMER IMAGING's newly developed concepts and products such as, the »Medical Video Server«, making it possible to record, manage and display any common video source and to distribute the data via LAN/WAN. Whether SD or HD, analogue or digital – we have the right solutions for you.

FGI modules

Another example are our FGI modules: small, modular GigE interfaces for transporting different video source data to a Gigabit Ethernet network. Currently, we already supply modules for Sony auto-focus integrated zoom cameras which are frequently used in surgical light cameras and operating theatre monitoring cameras, for example. This interface not only provides image transfer but also integrates complete camera control and power supply. Thus, no complex cabling with many different special cables is required: one single network cable will be sufficient. Control and visualization are also done via the network.

The modular conception of the FGI modules allows for easy adaptation to other image sources and for functional extension, such as image data compression for HD video streaming via network.

Full HD encoder module designed for a wide range of OEM cameras


The Atomas Mini LVDS from Ionodes is an encoder module that provides high profile H.264 video compression and low latency IP video streaming at up to 1080p60. The compact form factor makes it ideally suited for direct integration into standard LVDS zoom camera blocks from Sony, Hitachi and others.

Specim FX series: hyperspectral cameras with integrated spectrograph


After signing a partnership agreement with the Finnish hyperspectral camera manufacturer Specim, FX series hyperspectral cameras are now available from all European STEMMER IMAGING subsidiaries.

High speed SWIR hyperspectral cameras


Vision 2016 | Stuttgart | Stand E52 in Hall 1 | 8 - 10 November 2016

With uniform sensitivity in the short wave infrared (SWIR) spectrum from 900 – 1700 nm, high frame rates and small pixel size, the Goldeye G-033 cameras from Allied Vision are ideally suited to hyperspectral imaging applications.

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