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Those who develop the future require a clear vision. STEMMER IMAGING’s high- performance components and systems are used in leading research institutes to advance technologies and to enhance our future.

2 and 5 Mpixel ON Semiconductor CMOS sensors added to Genie Nano industrial camera range


Six new models featuring 2 and 5 megapixel resolution ON Semiconductor Python CMOS sensors have been added to the Genie Nano range of GigE Vision industrial cameras from Teledyne DALSA. Using burst acquisition and patent pending TurboDrive technology, these cameras can operate at much higher frame rates with faster data transmission than normally possible using GigE Vision. This means they can be used in faster applications.

Self-contained low cost scientific and industrial measurement camera


The new TrueChrome Metrics camera from STEMMER IMAGING provides fully integrated digital image capture and measurement for micro and macro scientific and industrial imaging applications with no need for a PC.

More than just good cameras – Interview with Frank Grube from Allied Vision


As a supplier of machine vision technology, STEMMER IMAGING is an important partner for many manufacturers of machine vision components. We often have a very close collaboration with these manufacturers and make our own and our customer's experience available to them so it can be used as input for future developments. As a user of this technology, you may be interested to know what trends our partners have identified and where they see their strengths. In this interview, Frank Grube, founder and CEO of Allied Vision, presents his visions.

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Shipwrecks explored and filmed in stunning high definition


In March 2015, in the Indian Ocean, 200 km west of Shark Bay, Western Australia, the combined teams at Western Australian Museum and Curtin University,...

Machine Vision Option Optimizes Sheet Metal Inspection - Superior to the human eye


In collaboration with STEMMER IMAGING, Erichsen has developed an imaging module for routine sheet metal inspections according to ISO 16630 in order to further automate...

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