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Sports, entertainment & broadcast

Competitive contest decisions, game statistics and technique training are examples where machine vision is used in sports. This data coupled with 3D tracking enables the gaming entertainment industry to create lifelike games based on real event data.

RIC10 10 Gigabit Ethernet cameras meet the need for speed


High resolution and high frame rate cameras produce huge quantities of image data. The new RIC10 series of cameras from VRMagic utilise 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) with GigE Vision support. This provides one of the highest data transfer rates available for industrial vision - up to 1.25GB/s over distances up to 100 metres. With an impressive choice of high resolution and high frame rate sensors, the RIC10 Series can be used in a huge range of demanding industrial applications with minimum disruption to existing factory networks.

Super speed line scan imaging


JAI has added 4k and 8k resolution models to the Sweep series of line scan cameras. These new cameras feature custom high-speed CMOS imagers and are among the fastest monochrome line scan cameras in the industry, enabling users to achieve even higher throughput to give new levels of productivity.

Broad camera portfolio - Interview with Michael Sehested Lund, JAI


The partnership between the Danish camera supplier JAI and STEMMER IMAGING has started in the very early days of STEMMER IMAGING, and JAI still is one of our most important suppliers. In this interview, Michael Sehested Lund, Sales Manager EMEA, presents his visions about trends and future developments from a JAI perspective.

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