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Aqsense 3D Express - 3D imaging made easy

3D Express from Aqsense provides for the first time a simple and seamless way to integrate 3D acquisition in a number of 2D machine vision software packages such as Teledyne DALSA's Sherlock. Aqsense 3D Express performs all the necessary steps such as image capture, pre-processing, calibration, merging and manipulation of the 3D data point clouds and generation of an 8 or 16-bit range map (height image) which can then be processed using the target software platform - all without a single line of programming code. The image sources and image outputs are easy to adjust via a graphical user interface with a corresponding image display to confirm correct set-up.

Aqsense 3D Express is based on the proven CVB Image Manager for image capture and can acquire 3D images directly from either 3D sensors such as the LMI Gocator, triangulation cameras such as cameras from Automation Technology and standard 2D cameras such as the DALSA Genie, where the integrated Peak Detector algorithm built into Aqsense 3D Express is available to generate the height image from the laser line.

Using a suitable calibration object captured images can be metrically calibrated immediately. The user can rotate the recorded and calibrated data point cloud freely in space via the integrated Z-map and project it into an appropriate range map with the desired image plane and position. This allows for the inspection of the correctly orientated range map using the target machine vision software. An example of the power of this remapping is when inspecting the roundness of circular bores which cannot be aligned horizontally to the laser scanning plane when being captured. In addition, the user can define which portion of the 16-bit height data is extracted to form the simplified 8-bit result range map for the graphical user surface.

Aqsense 3D Express is completely transparent in DALSA Sherlock, behaving like a normal camera. The range map of Aqsense 3D Express can be captured quite normally via the Teledyne DALSA Sherlock camera interface. Even the live image appears as though it comes directly as a camera source. Any further processing can then be performed in the familiar 2D environment. While STEMMER IMAGING directly supports Aqsense 3D Express in the DALSA Sherlock environment the product also supports other software platforms as a target. Please contact STEMMER IMAGING for a list of supported software.

  • Aqsense's high performance SAL3D algorithms underlying
  • Support for a wide range of acquisition hardware through CVB technology
  • Parallel output of individually pre-processed output images
  • Further processing in graphical 2D user interface Teledyne DALSA Sherlock or in own development projects through programming interface (C++, .NET)

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