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CCS HLV2-3M-RGB-3W - Mix the colour of your illumination

  • Mixing module for LED light sources for micro fibre heads
  • Consists of the light sources HLV2-22RD-NR-3W (red), HLV2-22GR-NR-3W (green) and HLV2-22BL-NR-3W (blue) plus mixing module
  • Allows exact colours by mixing the light colours red, blue and green because each light colour can be adjusted stepless and independently
  • An almost infinite range of colours can be generated
  • Can be combined with micro fibre spot or ring light elements of the series CCS HFS and HFR
  • Particularly suited for applications such as medical, pharmaceutical or electrical component inspection
  • Unit consists of three LED spots in red, green and blue and a mixing module
  • Power consumption: 8.4 W

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Function compatible extension cable for CCS HLV illumination

  • Only for current-controlled lightning, no 24 V
  • Only single-ended cables
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