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CVS trevistaCAM

The smart camera addition to our innovative surface imaging range

The CVS trevistaCAM uses the patented shape from shading illumination system in combination with a powerful smart camera, pre-loaded with the inspection software. The CVS trevistaCAM is ideal for applications that require inspection of topographical and textural details of parts, even if they're challenging glossy / curved surfaces or trim parts.

  • Self contained system with dome-shaped illumination and a 4Mpixel industrial-grade smart camera for the inspection of challenging surfaces.
  • Micron level, automated inspection and presentation of defects.
  • Ready to go, Shape from shading inspection detects elevations and depressions in the surface of the part.

3 reasons to use the CVS trevistaCAM

You want an out of the box solution – ready to go with minimal engineering

The Adlink Neon 4Mpixel smart camera and lens is preconfigured with either iNspect Express or Sherlock measurement software from Teledyne DALSA and is integrated into a domed trevista illumination system. The industrial smart camera solution is ready to be integrated into a manufacturing process with standard interfaces for higher level control.

Your benefits:

  • With two levels of software, integrators have the flexibility to be able to tackle any application that requires the inspection of topographic or textural features. iNspect Express allows you to quickly deploy a vision application without great image processing experience, while Sherlock provides the advanced, rich, set of tools and capabilities to solve the more challenging applications.

  • The compact unit includes everything required for a powerful surface inspection system in a small footprint

  • trevista systems are available as complete imaging solutions featuring all necessary hardware and software components. The robust design is especially suited for use in industrial environments.
You need a cost effective system to read embossed codes on difficult surfaces

By extracting the topography of the surface, the trevista solution has all of the information required to be able to identify embossed datamatrix codes and characters (or even, raised, braille text). The latest CVS trevistaCAM offers a low cost option to the technology.

Your benefits:

  • The CVS trevistaCAM uses a high performance smart camera that includes everything to deliver a standardised solution. The camera, software, and lighting are fully configured to help quickly commission a system with a proven surface inspection lighting technique.
  • Topographical information is extracted into several accessible result images, which can then be read using the on-board code reading tools
You want a reliable system

With over 10 years of experience tied into its development, the trevista is a tried and tested surface inspection system that uses innovative, patented, techniques.

Your benefit:

  • You can rely on a system that has proven to deliver on the most challenging applications

trevista process

trevista is based on the patented shape-from-shading technology: diffuse structured lighting guarantees optimum illumination from different directions. Thus, even the most difficult shapes can be fully inspected. The trevista process closes the gap between 2D image processing and optical 3D shape recognition. It combines the speed of 2D image processing and the precision of 3D recognition.

  • Topographic images are used for the three-dimensional presentation of surface shapes and the presentation of defect characteristics with depths of only a few microns
  • Generation of a textured image for detection of brightness differences on the inspected components
  • The trevista algorithm locates and classifies defects quickly, reliably and free of interference

CVS trevistaCAM variants

  • CVS trevistaCAM-iNspect Express
    Enables rapid deployment of inspection projects without great image processing experience. It features iNspect Express, a vision application software specifically designed to simplify the design and deployment of automated inspection on the factory floor. iNspect offers new and experienced users alike a practical tool delivering uncompromised functionality that can be readily applied to a wide range of manufacturing tasks.

  • CVS trevistaCAM-SHERLOCK
    Sherlock, an advanced machine vision software interface that can be applied to a wide variety of automated inspection applications**. It offers maximum design flexibility and provides a rich suite of proven tools and capabilities.

Examples with CVS trevistaCAM

Example A: Euro coin
The coin example demonstrates how CVS trevistaCAM works: The slope images in x and y direction detect shape deviations in a specific orientation. The curvature image is invariant in orientation, and provides additional topographic information that can be used to distinguish between elevations and depressions. The texture image evaluates the brightness characteristics of the surface, allowing defects such as discoloration and rust to be clearly identified. These partial images are combined to give the final result image.

CVS trevistaCAM example coin

Example B: Membrane

CVS trevistaCAM example membrane


Compact entry level system:

  • Lighting, control unit, trevista algorithm, camera, lens and software
  • Dimensions: 160 x 160 x 220 mm
  • Resolution : 2048 x 2048 Pixel
  • Plug & Play

Optical setup:

  • Field of view typically: 35 mm diameter
  • Working distance typically: 20 mm

Intelligent camera: ADLINK NEON

  • CMOSIS CMV4000
  • Intel Atom Quad Core, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD
  • Windows 7 embedded
  • Digital I/O, Ethernet, USB, VGA

Standard lens RICOH f = 35 mm


  • Structured diffuse Dome light
  • Temperature control
  • Control unit
  • Timing image acquisition sequence
  • Modes: hardware-trigger / software-trigger
  • 4 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs

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