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Teledyne DALSA iNspect - Rapid Development Interface

Teledyne DALSA's iNspect is a simple to use software application that can solve a wide variety of industrial inspection tasks with the minimum of fuss. This powerful application allows the user to set-up and deploy a quality inspection system in a matter of minutes, with no need for specialist assistance. The interface is completely intuitive, and no programming or extensive training is required to use it. The underlying tools have been carefully crafted to address the inspection needs of a wide range of industrial sectors, including the automotive, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

Vision for all!

iNspect makes the benefits of machine vision available to all manufacturing companies, both large and small - without the need for extensive machine vision knowledge. With low deployment costs, a system using iNspect rapidly delivers a return on investment by identifying and correcting quality issues quickly.


  • Free software upgrades
  • User account management - compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Solutions can be stored and deployed locally or via a network
  • Emulator available for rapid application prototyping
  • Access locally or via a web browser over a network
  • iNspect runs on either a standard PC, or DALSA's Vision Appliance range
  • Supports a wide range of vision hardware
  • Supports custom user interfaces

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iNSPECT Software Package

  • Configurable Machine Vision Application for WindowsXP
  • For Analog or IEEE1394a camera
  • Need to supply system# before license ...


iNSPECT Software Package

  • Configurable Machine Vision Application for WindowsXP
  • For Analog or IEEE1394a camera
  • USBPort-Dongle
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