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IDS cameras and frame grabbers

You have purchased IDS cameras and frame grabbers previously

If you are a customer who have previously purchased IDS cameras or IDS frame grabbers**, please contact your sales representative for product information and support.

You have not used IDS products in the past

If you haven't used IDS products in the past, please see our recommendations below. We have a large variety of products to suit your application and that offer enhanced full feature support for industry standards including all USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet cameras detailed which all ship with our manufacturer independent SDK CVB CameraSuite free of charge giving you flexibility to select from a wider range of manufacturers without the need to change your software.

** Affected IDS camera families: IDS uEye LE, IDS uEye RE, IDS uEye SE, IDS uEye XS, IDS uEye CP, IDS uEye ML, IDS uEye XC and IDS VSE

Affected IDS frame grabbers: IDS Eagle and IDS Falcon

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