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JAI Apex M9 - High-resolution 3-CCD colour cameras

The JAI Apex M9 is a high-resolution 3-CCD progressive scan colour camera for high-end colour applications. The Apex M9 offers a high resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels with a maximum data transfer rate of up to 30 full frames/s. It is available with two different digital interface versions: CameraLink (JAI M9 CL) and GigE (JAI M9 GE). The JAI M9 is particularly suitable for demanding vision applications, particularly in the field of food inspection where accurate colour rendering is essential.

The three 1/3" CCD sensors give excellent colour images in XGA resolution. On- board functions include colour shading correction and a smearless mode as well as individually programmable exposure times for each of the three CCD sensors.

The WIDTH and EDGE trigger modes familiar from the M series are also available in the JAI M9.


  • 3" x 1/3" progressive scan CCD sensors
  • High resolution (XGA) with 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Square pixels: 4.65 µm x 4.65 µm
  • 30 frames/s at full resolution
  • 60 frames/s in vertical binning mode
  • 86 frames/s in 1/8 partial scan mode
  • Video output: 10-bit / 8-bit in accordance with the CameraLink or GigE Vision standard
  • Programmable shutter to 1/10,000 s

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Model Resolution (Megapixel) Frame rate (Hz) Lens mount Horizontal res. Vertical res. Sensor format
JAI M9 CL 0.8 30 C-mount 1024 768 1/3"
JAI M9 GE 0.8 30 C-mount 1024 768 1/3"
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