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Opto Engineering TC SM - 3D Bi-telecentric Lenses with Scheimpflug Adjustment

The Opto Engineering TC SM Series is a unique family of bi-telecentric lenses for extremely accurate 3D dimensional measurement systems. All TC SM lenses are equipped with a high-precision Scheimpflug adjustment mechanism that suits any type of C mount camera. Besides achieving very good focus at wide tilt angles, bi-telecentricity also yields incredibly low distortion. Images are linearly compressed only in one direction, thus making 3D-reconstruction very easy and exceptionally accurate. The available magnifications range from 0.5x to 0.1x while the angle of view reaches 30°-45° to meet the measurement needs of triangulation-based techniques. The Scheimpflug mount is pivoted around the detector plane to ensure excellent pointing stability and ease of focus.


  • Object tilt between 0° and 45.0°
  • Mount tilt between 0° and 19.3°
  • Working distance up to 279 mm


  • Bi-telecentric lense
  • Optical interface: C mount

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Model Manufacturer Magnification (max) Max. sensor size Diameter (mm) Aperture Length (mm) Working distance (mm) Spectral sensitivity Scheimpflug
OE TC SM 016-C Opto Engineering 0.528 2/3" 37.7 F 8 119.3 43.1 Visible yes
OE TC SM 024-C Opto Engineering 0.35 2/3" 44.0 F 8 144.1 67.2 Visible yes
OE TC SM 036-C Opto Engineering 0.243 2/3" 61.0 F 8 171.5 102.5 Visible yes
OE TC SM 064-C Opto Engineering 0.137 2/3" 100.0 F 8 248.4 181.8 Visible yes
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