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Opto Engineering TC4K

Flat telecentric lenses for 4k linescan cameras

The TC4K series telecentric lenses from Opto Engineering has been designed for measurement applications using linescan cameras with a detector size up to 28.7 mm.

The flat design is ideal for applications and machines with tight dimensional constrains and, when coupled with the LTCL4K illuminators (with a matching flat design) and dedicated accessories, allow for optical combinations that fit most geometrical measurement configurations.

The TC4K series feature standard F or M42 mounts to fit common linescan camera interfaces. Moreover, the lens-camera interface provides both fine detector phase adjustment and a precise focusing mechanism. The detector phase adjustment enables precise positioning of the linear FOV at 90° from the object movement direction.


  • Flat telecentric lenses for a 28,7 mm image circle
  • Magnification: 0.478 to 0.159
  • Working distance: 174 mm to 254 mm
  • F-number: 16
  • Lens mount: F-Mount and M42 with 10,6 mm Back flange distance
  • MTF: @50 lp/mm > 30% and MTF @50 lp/mm > 25%
  • Dimensions: length: 319,2 mm to 558,4 mm; width: 83 mm to 208 mm; height: 52 mm to 64 mm

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