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Ricoh ME lenses - Motorised zoom lenses with auto iris and focus and zoom control

  • Zoom lenses with three motors
  • Zoom lenses with two motors and auto iris
  • Available in focal lengths between 7.5mm and 330mm
  • For cameras with C-mount or CS-mount


  • Focal lengths from 7.5mm to 330mm
  • Various apertures
  • Various focus distances
  • Various diameters


  • Camera mount: C-mount or CS-mount with adapter ring

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Model Camera mount (optics) Resolution @ maximum sensor size (MP) Min. focal length (mm) Max. focal length (mm) M.O.D. Aperture
RICOH H6ZBE (WX) C-mount 0.4 8.0 48.0 1200 F 1.0