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Schneider Kreuznach UV and IR Cut Filters

  • Suppression filters to filter out certain wavelength ranges in the visible or non-visible parts of the spectrum
  • Are used to obtain specific image information

UV cut filters

  • Long pass filters
  • Block the UV wavelength range and transmit the visible
  • Use an absorptive glass, which is robust, cost-effective and insensitive to angle of incidence
  • Are used in front of a lens on a CCD or CMOS camera in machine vision applications to protect the sensor from UV light, in absence of internal protection in the camera
  • Are often used to protect lenses from potential damage

IR cut filters

  • Short pass filters
  • Block infrared light and transmit the visible
  • Consist of absorptive glass

UV-IR cut filters (daylight pass filters)

  • Combination of a UV cut and a IR cut
  • Use a UV cut absorptive glass with a thin film layer system as an interference IR cut coating
  • Are used, for example, in strong sunlight or when certain artificial light sources are employed to make the camera's image perception similar to that of the human eye.


  • Unmounted filters for diameters from 10 mm to 74 mm
  • Mounted filters for common thread sizes M25.5 to M67
  • Different antireflection coating options available

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