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Specim FX series - An unrivalled compact and cost effective spectrographic system

  • Comprehensive plug-and-play-system consisting of spectrograph, camera and lens
  • Measures from the visible to the near infrared wavelength area (400 nm to 1000 nm) and in the SWIR wavelength area (900 nm to 1700 nm)
  • Distinguishes 220 (VNIR) or 230 (SWIR) different spectral bands within the wavelength area and thus offers great flexibility for selecting the required wavelength
  • Comprises a particularly light sensitive lens to achieve short exposure times
  • Offers a high signal to noise ratio for enhanced detection accuracy at high speeds
  • Features a standardised industrial interface
  • Comes precalibrated
  • Offers a particularly small form factor thanks to a method patented by Specim for integrating the spectrograph

3 reasons for Specim FX Series

You want a system that you can integrate easily

The FX10 comprises all necessary elements of a comprehensive spectrographic system. It goes without saying that the components are selected for working together ideally and are optimally adjusted to each other.

Your benefits:

  • You save time for selecting the right components.
  • You can integrate and start operating the system a lot quicker and easier as you only have to build in one instead of several systems into your machine.

You only have limited installation space

With its patented method Specim has found a possibility to set up spectrographs in a very space-saving manner. Therefore the design of the FX10 is a lot more compact than that of comparable systems.

Your benefit:

  • You can use limited installation space in an optimal way.

You want to duplicate systems easily

The Specim FX10 is delivered precalibrated. Therefore every spectrograph delivers identical results.

Your benefits:

  • You can duplicate systems very easily and save the effort for calibrating the spectrograph again.
  • In case of malfunction of a component you can exchange it with a replacement unit without any difficulty or the need to calibrate the unit and in this way minimise downtimes.

Markets & applications

  • Food inspection
  • Sorting applications
  • Recycling facilities
  • Medical imaging
  • Spectral range: 400 nm to 1000 nm (FX10), 900 nm to 1700 nm (FX17)
  • Number of spectral bands: 220 (FX10) and 230 (FX17)
  • Spatial sampling: 1024 pixels (FX10) and 640 (FX17)
  • Frame rate: 330 fps at 220 bands, more than 9900 fps with 1 band for the FX10
  • Frame rate: 670 fps at 230 bands, 15000 fps with 4 selected bands for the FX17
  • Field of view: 40°
  • Maximum aperture: f/1.7
  • Interface: CameraLink, GigE (coming early 2017)

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Hyperspectral Camera FX10

  • Including Mounting Kit
  • Spectral range: 400 nm - 1000 nm
  • Spectral bands: 220
  • Spatial sampling: 1024 pixel
  • Data ...


Hyperspectral Camera FX17

  • Including Mounting Kit
  • Spectral range: 900 nm - 1700 nm
  • Spectral bands: 230
  • Spatial sampling: 640 pixel
  • Data ...
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