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Xenics Serval

Compact LWIR camera for rough environments

  • LWIR infrared camera for the spectral band from 8 µm to 14 µm as further development of the successful Xenics Gobi
  • Uncooled microbolometer
  • Industrial IP67 housing for long time, stable and reliable use in rough and hot environments
  • Reliable functioning even under steady dust loading thanks to additional lens cover with air curtain
  • Different models:
    • Imaging: without temperature calibration
    • Thermography: with on board temperature conversion and calibration sets for different temperature ranges

Reasons for Xenics Serval ...

You need an especially robust infrared camera?

For the housing of the Xenics Serval, special seals and M12 connectors are used which results in protection class IP67, so the camera is very robust and is especially protected against dust and humidity. To achieve additional protection in dusty environments and secure operation even under steady dust loading the lens cover can be equipped with an air curtain.

Your advantages:

  • You avoid the laborious and costly installation into an additional protective housing.
  • You gain the security of longtime stability and reliable functioning even in rough and dirty environments.
  • You can use the camera even without having to do expensive cleaning and therefore you can maximise your operation time.
You want to get calibrated temperature values with a minimum effort?

The Thermography model is calibrated for various temperature ranges and the temperature values are calculated directly on the camera's FPGA.

Vos avantages:

  • You avoid a new, laborious calibration on the PC.


  • Spectral range: 8 µm to 14 µm
  • Sensor: uncooled microbolometer
  • Frame rate: 50 Hz
  • Interface: GigE Vision
  • Shutter: rolling shutter
  • Protection class of housing: IP67
  • Integrated image processing:
    • NUC (non-uniformity correction)
    • Auto-offset and auto-gain with selectable ROI (region of interest)
    • Histogram balancing
  • Comprehensive accessories (air curtain, I/O module, sun protection, mounting plate) available

Markets and Applications

  • Quality control
  • In line process control
  • Identification of hot spots, fire and smoke
  • Inspection of hot adhesive areas

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Model Resolution (Megapixel) Frame rate (Hz) Horizontal res. Vertical res. Sensor format
XENICS SERVAL-640-55MK-17-18MM-GE IMAG 0.3 50 640 480 1"
XENICS SERVAL-640-55MK-17-18MM-GE THER 0.3 50 640 480 1"
XENICS SERVAL-640-55MK-17-25MM-GE IMAG 0.3 50 640 480 1"
XENICS SERVAL-640-55MK-17-25MM-GE THER 0.3 50 640 480 1"
XENICS SERVAL-640-55MK-17-40MM-GE IMAG 0.3 50 640 480 1"
XENICS SERVAL-640-55MK-17-40MM-GE THER 0.3 50 640 480 1"


I/O for Xenics Serval


Sunshield for Xenics Serval


Tripod adaptor for Xenics Serval

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