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Z-Laser ZQ

High Power Laser

The latest ZQ1 series offers outstanding projection quality. Integrated intelligent monitoring functions ensure high stability in terms of power and wavelength. Additional benefits: the user can configure and read out a large amount of the laser's parameters. The laser can also be software-controlled remotely.

3 reasons to use the Z-Laser ZQ

You need exceptionally high precision

Two Powell lenses are available for the ZQ1 which guarantee optimum homogeneity of the laser line for the required working distance. The result is high accuracy of measurement and thus high process reliability.

You need highly accurate alignment for the duplication of your facility.

Thanks to the automated lens positioning the lasers can be manufactured with extremely low tolerances. This simplifies the duplication of a system as calibration processes can be carried out much easier.

You want to be informed about the actual condition of your laser at any time.

The laser monitors a number of important operating parameters, which can also be read out: an age-related laser failure is indicated at an early stage which allows timely reordering. This reduces not only the downtime of your system but also your spare parts inventory.

Furthermore, the possibility of remote controlling the laser via software facilitates remote maintenance.


  • Optical output power up to 1,500mW
  • Standard wavelengths from 405 to 830 nm
  • Manually focusable
  • Line and dot optics available
  • TTL modulation up to 200kHz / analogue intensity control
  • IP67-rated

Markets and Applications

  • 3D laser triangulation
  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Road and rail inspection

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Z-LASER Z1300Q1-F-450-ELP45

ZQ1 Laser module

  • Homogeneous line - Powell lens, Extended DoF
  • Fan angle 45°
  • Focussable
  • Wavelength 450 nm
  • Diode power 1300 mW ...

Z-LASER Z1300Q1-F-450-ELP60

ZQ1 Laser module

  • Homogeneous line - Powell lens, Extended DoF
  • Fan angle 60°
  • Focussable
  • Wavelength 450 nm
  • Diode power 1.3W ...

Z-LASER Z1300Q1-F-450-ELP75

ZQ1 Laser module

  • Homogeneous line - Powell lens ELP75, Extended DoF
  • Fan angle 75°
  • Focussable
  • Wavelength 450 nm
  • Diode power 1300 ...