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Zeiss Interlock Compact

Large format lens series with a M42-mount and 18mm flange focal distance

The Interlock Compact lens series offers four lenses ranging from 21 mm focal length up to 85 mm and all come with a M42-mount and a short, 18mm flange focal distance.

The short flange focal distance has two major advantages; Firstly, short focal length lenses can be designed in easier with less distortion; and second, the mechanical stability is strengthened as shorter extension rings can be used.

All lenses offer a 43 mm image circle, making them the right choice for large format and line scan cameras. The full metal housing, locking screws for focus and aperture and their resilience to dust, water and vibration make them perfectly suitable for very harsh industrial environments.


  • Maximum image circle diameter: 43 mm
  • Lens mount: M42-mount
  • Minimum pixel size: 4.2 µm (2.5 µm for Interlock Compact 2,4/85 Z-M42-I)
  • Flange focal distance: 18 mm
  • Filter size: M52

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Model Camera mount (optics) Max. sensor size M.O.D. Aperture Focal length (mm)
ZEISS INTERLOCK COMPACT 2,4/25 Z-M42-I M42 x 1 43.2 163 F 2.4 25
ZEISS INTERLOCK COMPACT 2,4/85 Z-M42-I M42 x 1 43.2 685 F 2.4 85
ZEISS INTERLOCK COMPACT 2,8/21 Z-M42-I M42 x 1 43.2 160 F 2.8 21
ZEISS INTERLOCK COMPACT 2/35 Z-M42-I M42 x 1 43.2 230 F 2.0 35
ZEISS INTERLOCK COMPACT 2/50 Z-M42-I M42 x 1 43.2 370 F 2.0 50
File Topics Size
Zeiss Interlock Compact 2,0/35
Data sheets
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Zeiss Interlock Compact 2,0/50
Data sheets
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Zeiss Interlock Compact 2,4/25
Data sheets
479.2 KB
Zeiss Interlock Compact 2,4/85
Data sheets
500.5 KB
Zeiss Interlock Compact 2,8/21
Data sheets
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