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Get the Imaging & Vision Handbook!

Get the Imaging & Vision Handbook

The latest edition of the Imaging & Vision Handbook combines the profound know-how of STEMMER IMAGING's vision experts in a unique and condensed form.

This reference book covers extensive theoretical knowledge of techniques and products from the fields of illumination, optics, cameras, frame grabbers, software, cables and systems on more than 450 pages.

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need for the optimal solution of your imaging task.
Peter Keppler, Director of Corporate Sales

The updated edition of the Imaging & Vision Handbook is an invaluable aid in selecting the best technology and products for your imaging applications.

For example, the handbook will give you the answer to the following questions:

  • Which applications require intelligent cameras? When are PC systems more suitable?
  • How do lighting angles and colours effect the test results?
  • How do I select the perfect lens for my system?
  • Which camera technology and which model is best suited to my application?
  • FireWire, USB, CameraLink, CoaXPress or GigE Vision - which interface offers the most benefits for my individual application?
  • Which software can handle my problem reliably with a minimum of effort?

Numerous graphics illustrate the technological descriptions, clearly arranged tables and diagrams help you to preselect your individual components.

In the product section you get comprehensive technical data in order to facilitate the selection process. Needless to say, the highly skilled experts at STEMMER IMAGING will support and advise you during the wohle process.

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The German print version of the Imaging & Vision Handbook is available under the ISBN number 978-3-00-051331-2, the English version under the ISBN number 978-3-00-051330-5.